Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Gnat cloud

Thought I saw a few bugs flying around on the way out this morning on the greenway. Left the house at 4:30 am for 10 miles. Wind was strong and in my face on the way out, but plenty warm. Did see more than the usual amount of rabbits, maybe because I can actually see them now with my headlamp.

On the way back along the greenway I hit 2-3 spots of gnat clouds. Usually aren't this early, though. Yuck, not only sucking them in your nose and mouth but in your eyes. Time to start wearing the clear Oakley's for the morning run. Worst on the bike, but I won't be riding for another month or so.

Able to maintain the magic 8:00 mile overall pace. After compensating for a few slow miles with the wind in my face, I picked it up to even it out. 1:20 and some change for the 10 miles. Think I'll try this approach except on the long run, tempo and recovery days. Ha, that's only 2 days a week.

Smoothie for breakfast this morning, instead of my usual yogurt and granola. I used half as much granola, same amount of yogurt, equal amount of soy milk and a handful of frozen fruits. Yummy! Wish I could whip up one of those every afternoon, with just a shot of caffeine. That'd be the ticket instead of the afternoon coffee.

No, this isn't the smoothie I made

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Lisa said...

I'm officially craving a milkshake now! :)