Monday, March 3, 2008


Not quite, but sure is coming quick. Saturday was nice, but Sunday was a really, really nice. 70 degrees by mid-afternoon. Did 11 miles at Spain hill trying to maintain a 8:00 pace, and dialed it in pretty darn close. Nice to be able to wear shorts and have the sun out, but not to warm. Even Darrell got out and hiked 11 miles from one end of the greenway to the other, plus a side jaunt to MOAB.

Gave Lance a haircut. He's one wiggley little dog. He's a Yorkie and his hair just gets longer. Real fine almost like human hair. I cut off close to a pound of hair. He doesn't get snippy like Tosha used to though. She would hold still, but reach a point where she'd had enough.

Not Lance, but spitting image.

Did 8 supposedly easy miles this morning on the golf course. Ended up with a 7:47 average pace, so much for a recovery run. Speedy pulled me along, otherwise it would have been 9:00 average pace.

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