Friday, March 7, 2008

Gimme a rabbit

Cold rain this morning. Radar showed a solid blob of green with some embedded yellow,(downpours). 41 degrees to start and a north wind, plus temperatures dropped to 39 degrees by the time we finished. I really expected Speedy to sleep in, but he was already at Comcast when I pulled in.

Tempo workout went really well. Speedy pulled me the entire way. Rain never let up until the last quarter mile home. Good thing he was pulling, between the constant rain and the cold wind in my face, it was a miserable morning. But, actually felt good doing the first 4 miles. Mile 5 was tougher, uphill and wind in our face. Mile 6 was difficult and wouldn't have stayed on pace without Speedy pulling me along.

By the time we finished the tempo we were completely drenched. My hands were like icicles, gloves weighed a pound a piece. Shoes were soaked after the first mile. It's almost impossible to miss all of the puddles, especially the ones that fill your shoes with ice cold water. Have to give Speedy credit; he pulled off the rabbit task without a whimper. I started whining from the time I got out of the car. But, it was a excellent workout. Averaged 6:40's for the 6 mile tempo. Not bad for no speedwork since Thanksgiving.

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Lisa said...

My dry, wimpy self is bowing to such dedication!