Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ghetto single speed

Schwinn World Sport in front of Darrell's 1986 IROC Camaro

Rode the Schwinn GSS this morning. (ghetto single speed) Only rode for a half hour, for 7 miles at an average 14 mph. Felt great to be moving on the bike, even if it was just laps in the neighborhood. First real ride this year. Thought it would be smarter to try out the single speed versus the road bike to test out the ankle. Ankle still has some swelling and color is almost back to normal. Still real tender and stiff. Bike didn't really affect it at all, very little flexing of the ankle. Actually worked up a little sweat.

Darrell's car never had any brake work done? The right front rotor was shot, the pad was completely gone and it was metal on metal. Both of the rear brake cylinders were leaking. Goodbye, $550. Only upside, complete new brakes all the way around. Probably the best thing to do for a car that's over 20 years old. Sure would be better to have disc brakes on the rear.

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