Thursday, March 20, 2008

Getting closer

Workout today from Jack Daniels. Forty five minutes at adjusted threshold pace. Call it 6:40. Perfect day, 32 degrees, little or no wind, road and greenway was still wet in spots, but the headlamp illuminated any of the puddles. I ran a out and back from the house to the greenway. Added benny, no tights, naked legs.

Little better effort than the last solo tempo run. Splits came in at: 6:45,6:45,6:44,6:52,7:01,6:50. Just couldn't get the rhythm going. Plenty of energy, drank a slim fast before hand. Really lost focus on the 5th mile with the 7:01. Pushed the pace on the last one to try and get back to the 6:40 without going to hard. Didn't happen.

Part of the workout is 6 x 200 meters at R pace. I did 3 instead. The first 100 meters it seemed like my legs were stuck in the pavement. I couldn't get them going. Cruised into pace on the final 100 meters. I can see the benefit of this fast stuff. It really helps with the running economy and efficiency. When I get tired the form starts to fall apart and pace drops. By focusing on economy and counting the form doesn't falter and I'm able to drive through the repeat.

PJ is in her 2nd week of resuming some exercise and watching what she eats. She seems to be focused this go around. Showed my a good looking reduced calorie cake she's going to make for easter brunch. Don't know where we're going yet. Darrell shaved off most of his beard, only leaving some porkchop sideburns. (Brian Sell, now that dude has some serious facial hair going on.) He's going to a job interview today. Dylan is back playing T-ball this year. He's been skating around on the in-line skates practicing hockey. I don't think they have a league for his age. There is a outdoor rink in Lavergne. It isn't ice, only ice is at Centennial park I believe. I sure don't want to drive to Nashville another trip every week for practice or a game. Geez, its already a 64 mile round trip everyday. But, I do plan on doing the Strider training run on Saturday. I want to run the half course one more time before race day. I'll park over by the stadium and run the 3-4 miles to Centennial park and meet up with the striders group. When we get close to were I parked, I'll be done. Probably around 16 or 17 miles. Hopefully there will be a group that wants to run a 8:00 pace.

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