Saturday, March 15, 2008

Blah, rain

No getting around the rain today. First 3 miles, just a few drops. Steady rain the rest of the run. Wasn't to bad, not very much wind. Hardly anyone at Bragg's HQ. I went up to Cannonsburg and then back out to Fleet Feet. Started seeing a few lightning flashes.

Andrea and Jim were the only ones willing to run in the rain. Andrea decided it wasn't to smart to run with the lightning. I guess it was kinda foolish, but I still had 3 miles back to the car at Bragg. Jim went with me for 3 miles. He was scheduled for 22 miles. I turned around and was going to end it at 10 miles, but decided I was already soaked and might as well gut it out and at least get 13.

Before Jim and I left Fleet Feet, we discussed whether Tom King would be postponed or canceled because of the lightning. Found out they did get it off. Next rain run, I'm going to get a pair of lightweight gloves. Seems like I'm getting a lot more runs in the rain. Mostly because its spring. But, also because I don't have the luxury of waiting out the rain or taking a extra day off.

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