Friday, March 14, 2008

Jeff Galloway, blogs, and rain

Jeff Galloway spoke at Fleet Feet Sports in Murfreesboro last night. Jeannie was able to pull that off to help out the Murfreesboro Pacers. Jeff is a entertaining speaker, former Olympian and best selling author. He spoke of his philosophy on a wide range of topics; stretching, walking, hydration, nutrition, role of the local running store and more. He also answered questions. Jeff's in town for the Tom King Half Marathon in Nashville on Saturday, guest speaker tonight for the Striders at the pasta dinner and then Sunday a training class at the Fleet Feet in Brentwood. Very busy man, his running must help keep him grounded.

Dylan went with me to Fleet Feet. He behaved like a little gentleman. We got there at around 5:15 and got home at 8:00. Long time for the little guy to not get to bored and cause a ruckus. He sure does act shy. Must get that from his dad.

Added a stat counter to the blog yesterday. Copied it from LS;) Amazing the capability of the internet. Conspiracy theory, yes I believe big brother is watching. Copied the labels from Boston Dreams. Googled running blogs one day, over 80,000.

Rain on the radar this morning. Drinking my coffee and surfing the net this morning. The rain moved through our area earlier, the streets were still wet. But, there was a gap before the next wave of rain would hit. I was able to finish one loop of the golf course before it started raining. Didn't rain to hard on the second loop, off and on, with varying degrees of intensity. No downpours. Sure hope those racing Tom King tomorrow have good weather. Looks like they may get wet. Lousy day for the volunteers.


Lisa said...

Isn't it amazing that people in Singapore care about what we are bloggin' about?! ha!

Old Man and mid pack runner said...

guess I'm one of the guilty cyber stalkers:)

I just added another blog, paris daily photos.

this blogging is addictive.