Friday, March 28, 2008

Back in black, ....its been to long, I'm glad to be back

Yesterday did the bike again. About 30 minutes worth. Really wanted to run, but resisted. Ankle still has a little bruising and very slight swelling. No were near as tender, still stiff. Self massage of the area last couple of days.

Ran this morning. Started off with a slow shuffle, no discomfort. Planned on going around 3 miles or 30 minutes whichever came first. At 1.5 miles I was feeling pretty good. Decided 4 miles would be plenty. Ankle felt pretty good, no discomfort, just a lack of flexibility.

Exactly a week today from ankle roll and sprain to back running. Four days off completely with no running and two days of bike. Ice afterwards as a precaution. Did I come back to quick? I don't think so. The best rehab for a sprained ankle seems to be using it. Should I have stayed off it longer? Time will tell, but I think doctors tend to be overly cautious.