Saturday, March 29, 2008

Normal as it gets

Darrell is 19 today. Holy crap, time flies.

Slept in this morning. At least until Lance decided it was time to get up. For such a little dog, he sure is a persistent little pest. Ran 6.4 miles from Fleet Feet. First 2 miles were with R. I haven't seen him in awhile. We went out pretty slow, but before we hit the 2 mile turnaround he had picked up the pace to around 8:15. Felt really good. I only planned on doing 4 miles. Told R. I was feeling good and he headed back to Fleet Feet and I continued on to add more miles.

See William smashed his goal. From the workouts he's doing it would seem he's going to get sub 19 before I do. Lots of raw speed. Must be fast twitch fibers, and I'm more slow twitch, with a little sissy on the side. I just don't like to hurt and cave when the going gets tough.

Typical Saturday, running around town from sunup till sundown. Got Dylan a street hockey puck at Dick's Sporting Goods. There's a store I could spend hours browsing. We left PJ home to make that trip. Met PJ's folks at Macaroni Grill to celebrate Darrell's birthday. PJ got them to sing to him. That young lady had a beatiful voice, and she sure could hit the high notes.

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