Monday, March 17, 2008

Even effort

Recovery day on the golf course. Speedy pulled me along this morning. He wasn't in any big hurry. Good, 'cause his really slow speed is about the same effort as my 8:00 pace on the road. On the golf course it equates to around 8:20 or a little better. Nice relaxed pace.

Heart rate is almost equal to the effort yesterday at 8:00 pace on the road and hills for 13 miles. Still haven't quite gotten use to the Garmin yet. Forgot to turn it back on this morning, so I was 1 mile short. Had to use Speedy's time and distance.

Speedy reminded me of the one thing I always seem to forgot about in the rain. Chafing. Usually don't even think about it, until you get reminded of it in the shower. Next rain run, definately lube generously in all potential chafe points, and wear some gloves, that are light enough to not absorb a lot of water.

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