Sunday, March 16, 2008

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday, rain and more rain. Today, brilliant sunshine and blue sky. Hello, spring time. Still cool enough to have to put on the stocking hat and gloves but able to ditch the tights. Went out to Spain hill to get 11 miles. Ended up adding 2 more just to make it 13.1 because I was on pace for the magic 1:45. Despite the first 2 miles coming in around 9 minutes. Spain hill was a 7:45 without going anaerobic, just about tempo pace or so. Never really looked at the Garmin except every other mile or so. Basically just tried to get the rhythm for the ups and downs to maintain a 8 minute pace.

Found 3 great blogs regarding the Tom King, held yesterday in a steady rain. One disappointed with the 5k. One just happy to be running without a running nose and the other deciding why would anyone want to run in the rain, when it's lightning?

The fast boys had good times. I haven't really talked with them yet, but one summed up the race conditions, "terrible".

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Lisa said...

My nose was running but nobody could tell with all the rain. :) The most important thing was that I was breathing. Yippee!!