Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bike geek

Slept in this morning, until 4 am. Off day from running. I'm back on my normal schedule now, off every Wednesday. I've run 9 days straight. Chilly morning 60 degrees, but sunny. Had to wear the arm warmers, plus a singlet under the bike jersey. Laid back bike ride to Siegel HS road to repaint the 100 meter dots on the road. Then I rode out to Stones River Battlefield to repaint the quarter mile marks. Saw 2 turkey hens with babies. Not very protective of their babies compared to the geese. I got with 2 feet of them, before I even saw them. The babies are very well camouflaged. At least 3-4 babies per hen, maybe more, hard to see in the tall grass. On the other side of the loop were some Indigo Buntings swooping down among the freshly plowed field. Similar flight pattern to a blue bird, but don't seem to perch or stay in one place very long.


Lisa said...

You slept in until 4am? Slacker!

I'm curious, how many hours of sleep do you typically get most nights?

I feel like such a sleeper!

Old Man and mid pack runner said...


I'm usually in bed by 8:30 or 9:00, so typically 6.5 hours.