Sunday, June 22, 2008

design on a dime

PJ watches all of those designing shows on TV. Guess we've been lucky and haven't changed anything in quite awhile. But, come Sunday morning it was time for a change. Took almost everything out of the bonus room and everything from the living room back up to the bonus room. Idea was to have the living room, more of a sitting room, IE: no tv. Setup now looks great, just took all day to do it. Of course the biggest challenge in all of the moving of furninture is the stairs. The big screen tv in the bonus room has been out of adjustment for over a year. We put a hole in the wall carrying it up to the bonus room. My idea to get it back downstairs was to cut it up in to several pieces, it only weighs about a 1,000 pounds. Kept it all in one piece, but not without lots of tense moments. At one point I saw the headline in the paper flash before my eyes, "Murfreesboro man dies after being crushed by big screen tv". Finished all of the moving without any casualties. PJ took Dylan over to her sisters for a swim and I went for a bike ride.

Twice a days.
Never have done a twice a day. (run 2 times in one day, or in this case, run in the morning then bike later that day)I ran with the fast boys at Spain hill at 5 am this morning. I wanted to run 13 miles at a average 7:30 pace, which is almost marathon pace. We averaged 7:23, felt good. Hills kicked my ass. Heat and hills take it right out of me. I jumped on the bike around 4:00 pm or so. Almost the heat of the day. Didn't have much left, the quads were burning, only managed 17 mph average for the 16.5 mile ride. Just went from the house out to Stones River Battlefield for a couple of laps. Cold beer afterwards sure tasted good.

Went over to the neighbors house after supper. The boys started playing the boxing game on the Wii. We ended up playing some baseball, bowling and golf. Fun stuff. The designers of that gaming system did their homework. Great graphics, yet kinda quirky players. Lots of action, and you physically have to get up and move around to play. The baseball tired me out. Appeals to the younger kids and the adults. Teens probably not so much because its not your typical shoot 'em up video game or crash and burn fest. PJ even liked it. She didn't play any, to busy playing with the baby.

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