Friday, June 20, 2008

Bird pics

Been trying to figure out how to get some decent bird pictures with the Nikon and the 200 mm lens. Without a multiplier or a 400 mm lens, I'll need to be with 10 feet or so to get a decent shot. That rules out blue birds, the American Gold Finch, and the Indigo Bunting. But, I think a could get some shots of either of the geese families. Saw them this morning heading towards the river. Perhaps, that's where they're nesting.

The American Goldfinch is using the fountain in the front yard, perhaps with a blind I could get a shot. I've seen him twice in the last 2 days. Each time was in the evening. He would perch in a tree in the yard and then swoop down, get a drink and be gone. To get a picture in the wild would require a blind overlooking some thistle. But, that would require a 400 mm lens or longer.

Easy 8 mile recovery run on the golf course this morning. Did my typical weight routine afterwards.

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