Tuesday, June 10, 2008

tempo attempt

Made another stab at a tempo workout this morning. Plan was 3 miles at 6:45'ish. 78 degrees at 4:45 am when I headed out the door. Nice little rain shower for a mile and a half of my 3 mile warmup. First mile felt easy, 6:26, next mile was a struggle and finished it in 6:34. To quick for 3 miles of tempo and it felt like a 5k anyway. Took a mile break and then did another 6:27 mile and then a cool down back to the house to get 8.1 miles.

This workout was an improvement over last week. Still need to be able to string together 3 miles at 6:45 or so pace. Easier when someone is pulling or pushing me. Hopefully EB will be back in another week or so. I'd really like to start doing the tempo workouts in the evening to acclimate to the heat.

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