Saturday, June 14, 2008


Went to Kirkenburts for dinner last night, after we'd dropped Dylan off at a birthday party. Small restaurant in a strip mall on the south side of town. Glad we ruled out living on that side of town, way to much traffic. Pretty decent pulled pork sandwich. PJ had the catfish it was good. Darrell had a clam basket, looked like they were cooked to long. Fries were good, crisp and not greasy. Big thing here was the "40", as in 40 ounce bottle of beer. Little to much for the driver (me). I had a Corona, because the waitress never could tell me what kind of beer they had available.

Started surfing the web last night and this morning looking for info on the Nikon D1 and D1H cameras. Found a users manual and a review. I'm borrowing these from work, as well as a Nikkor 80-200 mm lens and a Sigma 24-70 mm lens. This camera is heavy and built like a tank. The last 2 photographers at the paper have used Canon's. This equipment has been sitting around for 3 or 4 years. Charged up the batteries and took a couple of shots with both. They work, but the telephoto lens doesn't autofocus anymore. Not worth getting fixed.

I bought a Rokkor 200 mm f2.8 lens for my Minolta XD-11, many, many years ago. I used it with a 2x extender. Bought a 500 mm mirror lens f8 about 10 years. Didn't like that lens at all, sold it after a month. I'd really like to have a 400 mm lens, but they are pretty expensive. That's one of the big reasons I never made the jump to digital. A decent digital camera and 400 mm lens would be around $2,500. I did wait to long to sell my old manual focus camera. 10 years ago I probably could sold it for about what I paid new, now I'd be lucky to get .25 on the dollar.

Up at 3:30 am to get a early start, but it was raining. Waited to start my run until almost 6 am. Did the Lascassas loop, 11 miles at approximate marathon pace, 7:30 miles. Able to do the first 9 miles rather easily, started tiring towards the end and picked up the pace for miles 10 and 11 which were 7:11 and 6:57. Mile and a half cooldown. Warmer than last weekend but overcast and a few sprinkles of rain.

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