Friday, June 27, 2008


Ok, usually I'm a patient person. It takes alot to get me excited. But, we're 3 months into waiting to have a merger be finalized and my head is about to explode. One great thing about a recovery run, is the ability to think things out. That's what I did this morning. 8 miles nice and slow on the golf course. Just me and my Ipod. I've been down the merger, fired, terminated, right sized, or whatever else kind of PC bullshit you want to call it, road many times.

California 'tude.
This is what really got me started this week. The whole, "you didn't tell me that hot coffee, was hot", I'm going to sue you mentality. Our building is a giant oval with loading docks on the interior for each of the different business's. Part of my hiring spiel to all new hires is the fact that we have a loading dock, yes parking places are adjacent to said dock. But, we have trucks come in maybe twice a month and should you chose to park in those spots you may be asked to move your vehicle. Pretty certain I've sent at least one company wide email with the same message after the last time someone gave me attitude. We've been at this location a year and a half. Yet, I still get attitude when asking to have someone move their vehicle. Damn near lost my cool. Think I did tell this individual to leave their car, but don't be surprised if it gets backed over by an 18 wheeler.

Dad. Look in the mirror and it's him looking back. Geez, and I'm becoming the same SOB.

Lawyers. I've already vented once to a coworker about them. Now in the eleventh hour I've got a laundry list of to do's from the lawyers.

Big companies. Fortunately I delegated most of the above to a coworker. She got to see first hand the joy of dealing with large companies. One in particular was Google. Try and find someone to talk on the telephone and then the right person or department. Very frustrating. I had the same thing with a company in Georgia. Of course this can also work to your favor if your work in one of these giant companies. Most jobs are very specific. IE: payroll for the South East quadrant of Texas. So, very easy for the, "that's not my job". That's one thing I don't think most people realize in a merger. When 5 companies come under one roof, only one accounting department is needed. Someone has gotta go. Who's it gonna be?

Never forget one of my coworkers calling me up after he was terminated. He couldn't believe they didn't give him any warning. Come on now. You can't be so naive to think your position is safe, no matter what. I've lost positions to someone's friend. Missed promotions because the ratio's weren't right. Fired because I pissed off the wrong person. But, I still like the fact that Tennessee is a right to work state. I can fire you today because you wore purple socks to work, or just because I don't like you. It burns my ass that someone thinks they should be paid the same to sweep floors as to do some highly technical position. That's why I went back to college so I wouldn't have to sweep floors.

I could go on and on but, no one likes to listen to this shit..............

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Sometimes after a good run & a good "vent" it makes it easier to deal with....

Have a great weekend!