Thursday, June 19, 2008

cool morning

This morning was cool again. One weather site said 57 degrees, the other 60 and my thermometer on the deck 59. Great running weather and even better for speed work. Looks like this weather will hold for Moon Pie on Saturday. Should be some PR's set. This year I'll have a different perspective, I'm going to be at the 5 mile mat. Guess the only reason for a volunteer at that spot is to make sure no one steals the mat? Dallas has always been at that spot when I run the race. This year we'll have 2 volunteers.

Speedwork this morning was 12 x 200 meters with 200 meter recovery. Somehow I managed to run a 4 mile warmup instead of 3 miles. Oops. New target is 39 seconds per interval. I averaged 38.75 seconds. Seems like the short distance speed is coming around, but still a long way to go to build up the endurance side.

Looked around this morning for my MS Excel spreadsheet with paces and splits, but couldn't find it. Did find my marathon checklist. Mr. Anal.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Yeah, the weather would be great THIS year! ugh!

I'll be in the strider's tent & then clipping off chips. Yehh haa!
Have fun on the mat!