Thursday, June 5, 2008

Customer service

Thought customer service was a thing of the past. Seems like its getting harder and harder to find. Good news, it isn't dead. A/C starting acting up towards the end of summer last year. The motor that pulls the heat out from the coils was going out and finally did go out. Called Tenpenny Heat and Air in Murfreesboro and explained what I thought was the problem. He said he'd be out the next day. He calls me up the next day and tells me, "you're all fixed". Huh? He'd came out later the day I'd called to see what motor was needed, so when he came back the next day he could repair it. Wow.

I've been putting off getting new shoes to the point that on my next run my toes would be poking through the top of the shoe. Design defect in the Asic 2130's I've been using the last couple of years. They keep making the shoes heavier in the sole, but cheapen up on the uppers. Actually bought a different brand this time last year because I was so disgusted with the 2130's. Hated that shoe and went back to the 2130's.

Pet Peeve. Design changes and/or model changes in shoes. Every year the shoe changes color or has a slight design change, to justify the increased price? I quit wearing Nike's 10+ years ago because they stopped making the Pegasus shoe that was my favorite at the time. Now it's back, but not me, haven't worn a Nike shoe since. Asic's does the same thing but each evolution of the 2130 has been acceptable, except for the price. Now it's called the 3000.

Roadrunner sports use to show the previous model in their catalog in a table format with the weights of the shoes, very informative. They've quit doing that. I still buy from them primarily because I hate to pay retail. Plus most stores don't keep very many of the old models or discount them very much. That's typically how I'd buy my shoes. I buy the previous model that has been discounted. I haven't bought online now for the last 3 pairs of shoes. What the heck, the extra $20 is my donation to the local running economy.

I've shopped all 3 different stores in Nashville that sell running shoes, Athletes House, Fleetfeet and Team Nashville. No complaints on customer service at any of these stores. Fleet feet has a store in Murfreesboro as well. I've been to Team Nashville a couple of times at the old store location, they've since moved down the street closer to I-440. My only complaint on that store would be the tiny size of the shop, but I hear that has been addressed with the new store.

Yesterday was my first time at the Athletes House. This will be my new destination store for shoes. It's a throwback to the type of running store I found in Texas, lots of inventory stacked to the ceiling, but not crowded so much that you couldn't move around in the store. Speedy told me about the discount section in the back of the store. That's were I headed when I walked in the door. I pretty well knew what I wanted and Maureen helped me find a shoe. Ended up with the Asics Cumulus. Great shoe. Both her and Speedy had recommended just on my description the shoe that had been working for me and what I thought I needed. Love it! Also reminded me of the Phiddippe's (sp?) store in Atlanta owned by Jeff Galloway.

This mornings workout rocked! Must have been the new shoes. Almost felt like running with lightweight trainers, similar to the Asics DS trainer series. Didn't try and climb the fence to get on the track for my 12 x 200 meter repeats. 3 mile warmup and 2.5 mile cool down. Splits came in a little hot. Wind in my face for the first 4, averaged 40's, wind at my back next 4, averaged 38, last 4 back into the wind averaged 39. Target was 41.

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Jill said...

Yes, we talked about the "new and improved shoes" at work today too. And, I, too hate the 2130's. Ugh. I moved to Saucony.

Team Nashville's new crib is cool. Beautiful space but same ole stuff.