Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shazam, 35

Heart rate data

Great interval session this morning. Didn't get out the door until 4:40 am. Took awhile to read Davy Crockett's 50 mile race report. How about running in snow in June and we think its hot. Took some time to warm up and get the calves loose this morning. Did an easy 3 miles with stride pickups in the last mile to make sure the calves were warm and ready to go. Need to repaint my 100 meter dots on the road in front of the high school, they're pretty badly faded.

Plan was 12 x 200 meters at :41 with 200 meter recovery. Felt strong throughout. On repeat number 5, I was running across the road from another runner chugging along at around 8:30 pace. Caught up with Warren H. on repeat 7 and took an extra minute recovery talking with him. He's going to the track every day, goal 18:00 5k in August. I'll see if I can keep him in sight. He and I have been pretty evenly matched whenever we race, he's usually just ahead of me. Don't know what got into me, maybe it was the extra recovery, but I blasted a :35 on repeat number 8 as I ran by him on his recovery run back towards the house. Of course, as soon as I hit my 200 meter mark and started my recovery he went right back by.

Calculated heart rate (178 bpm) may be pretty accurate? I hit 178 bpm and 181 bpm on today's workout, usually only get as high as 173 bpm. For some reason I was under the impression my calculated heart rate was 174 bpm. Lots of different tables and factors.

1. :41
2. :40
3. :40
4. :41
5. :40
6. :39
7. :40
8. :35
9. :39
10. :39
11. :39
12. :40


J said...

You are smokin' fast...!!! I'll be still napping when you're done with your 200 workout. Sheez.

Old Man and mid pack runner said...

all relative;)

shame your blog troll doesn't have a blog. would be easier than surfin' the and leaving anonomyous posts...........