Monday, June 16, 2008

it's monday

Magnolia blossom after the petals drop

Time to recover from the weekend. Saturday we spent most of the day at the Outlets Limited Mall in Lebanon. Long day, I hate shopping. Not a single store of interest for me. Dylan and I went one way and PJ and Darrell went the other.

Later, Saturday afternoon, I took the boys, Dylan and his cousin to the skate board park in Lavergne. Dylan and the older kids did most of the riding. Lots of kids just hanging out. 'Course a few of them were smoking, youngest probably a 12 or so year old girl.

Sunday PJ mowed the grass while I weedeated. She planted some flowers and I trimmed all of the shrubs again. Lots of rain and they all needed trimmed again, except for the evergreens. Got the electric chainsaw out and trimmed the lower branches off all of the trees. First time I'd done that at this house. I'll need to chop down the last 3 Bradford Pear trees this winter. I cut down 2 of them last winter. Finally able to dig up the stumps from them earlier in the week. The only tree that didn't get trimmed was the Magnolia. It's branches are within 3-4 feet of the ground, but it makes it easier to climb. Lots of large magnolia's in Georgia that Darrell was able to climb when he was younger because of the low branches.

I must have put on to much round up last fall. The side of the house by the air conditioner had a patch of purple and red bee balm. I sprayed on the purple side, but that's the only color that bloomed this year, but it's spread over to where the red had been the last 2 years. Doesn't make sense, unless when I cut the seeds off and scattered them with only the purple and not any red? The hummingbirds like the red.

Did fathers day at PJ's sisters. The boys swam, Tim soaked up the sun and Bob and I smoked a cigar. Lazy day.

Sundays run was an easy 10 miles from the house to Stones River Battlefield and back. Left the house at 7 am and it was pretty toasty in the sun on the last 2 miles home. Monday's run was a 8.1 mile recovery run on the golf course followed by weights at home.

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Lisa said...

Oh yes, noticed that I need to get out the electric hedge trimmer again, too. ugh!