Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Heat won, me zero

Sadly it's not even that warm yet. Upper 60's with close to 100% humidity. (glasses kept fogging) Left the house before sunrise, around 4:45. Based on my last tempo attempt, when it was a little cooler and FM2 to pull me, I decided on 3 miles of tempo. Plan was 7:00, 6:50, and 6:40. Actuals were 6:44 and 6:41, but no mile 3. I was spent maintaining the second mile. Tried to do another mile after a minute recovery, but caved on that after a quarter mile. No excuse, big "P".

Looking at the heart rate when I got home, my average heart rate on mile 2 was 167 bpm. That's about 5 bpm higher than the same effort when it was cooler earlier in the spring. Definitely will take some time to bring down the times and increase the endurance. Lots of time before any attempt to go sub 19 for a 5k. Early July or August. Temperatures will likely be in the upper 70's with sun. Lots of acclimating to do.

This is why I can't get excited about running Moon Pie. I have a target pace of around 6:40. I'd really like to get an age group award, once. Usually I average around 7:00 miles. Take the first at pace or usually a little to quick. Around mile 7 is the caving point when the heat starts kicking my rear. Usually only a couple of people ahead or behind to keep me honest and I fade. Just once I'd like to go out easy, crest the hill at mile four and go negative.

Tomorrow is an off day. Time to get the road bike out.

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