Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I wear my persimmon colored sunglasses at night

Persimmon colored lens were delivered on Saturday. Monday's recovery run on the golf course was the first run with them. Wore them again this morning. Just what I needed. I've been watching these on ebay for a couple of months. I can buy direct from Oakley for $50 and free shipping. I got these for $37 delivered. This is the second lens I've bought for my M frame sunglasses. The first were a clear lens. I bought them 2 - 3 years ago when I started riding my bike before the sun came up. Eye protection on the bike is essential. I paid retail that time, $50 plus tax at the mall. I got the M frame from a running buddy in Texas around 1999 or so. Best pair of sunglasses for the money. I paid $75, which was discounted because he was a fireman. I've been looking for just a frame and they still go for around $40, plus shipping.

The persimmon colored lens is perfect for gray days or before sunrise. Most of my runs are about an hour before sunrise. These lens work great in the dark and early morning before the sun gets to far up. The glasses keep the dust, bugs and pollen out of my eyes. Pollen isn't really an issue anymore, at least until the ragweed starts to bloom. Dust and bugs are always a problem. The greenway seems to attract a lot of gnats and other flying bugs. The roadway from my house to the greenway is frequented by large trucks and they really kick up the dust.

I'm a bird lover, no secret. But, a couple of birds I have no use for, are starlings and black birds. Figured out this morning they're roosting or nesting across the street. Noisy birds, they seem to be driving away all of the other birds. They're almost like the obnoxious neighbor, loud and pesky.

Nice and cool this morning. Even a little breeze, wore a coolmax tshirt, a little to chilly for a singlet. Tempo session finally clicked this morning. 3 miles, 6:48, 6:48 and 6:42. 3 mile warm up and 3 mile cooldown.


J said...

Persimmon...must've been what was in my bread tonight. Yellowish and sweet...hope the color is better than the berry!

And for noisey neighbors pick the birds anytime. My neighbors are WAY worse...I'd like to break down their nest...

Old Man and mid pack runner said...

we've been pretty lucky with neighbors over the years.