Thursday, June 26, 2008

shorter recovery

The fast boys were talking about one of the workouts they were going to try; 200 meter repeats with only 20 seconds recovery. Got me to thinking maybe my recovery is to long. The target pace when I started was 41 seconds for 12 repeats and 200 meters of recovery. I have whittled that down to around 38 seconds after 4 weeks of work. This morning I cut my recovery in half, only 100 meters of recovery. Averaged 41 seconds for the repeats and the recovery was quick, about 36-40 seconds to cover the 100 meters, before it was go time again. Instead of doing 12 repeats, I only did 10. May up it to 12 repeats next week. 70 degrees actually felt cool after doing a workout in the 90's. Tough workout, but really the shorter recovery wasn't that bad.

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