Tuesday, June 24, 2008

hot time in the summer

First day of my heat acclimation workouts. Ideally, 2-3 workouts a week need to be done in the heat on a weekly basis to get use to the heat and humidity. I'll have to do with once a week. All of my workouts are usually done as the sun is coming up. Even on the weekend when I could train in the heat, I prefer to start early and avoid the sun and heat.

Left work at 4:00 pm to make it back to the 'boro for a start around 5 pm. Still 91 degrees when I started my 2 mile warmup. Last week I got 3 miles of tempo, in the morning. This workout was 2 x 2 miles around 6:50 or so. First repeat was a 6:46 and 6:36, the second came in at 6:45 and 6:38. Better than I'd hoped with the heat. I took 1:30 recovery between the repeats. I did this on the loop at the Stones River Battlefield. It works great, because its a road with little traffic, one way, shaded and only slight rises. Plus someone has marked quarter mile marks:)

Even better considering I'm pretty certain I broke my big toe yesterday at work. Dropped a desk directly onto the big toe and adjoining toe. Lots of choice words, thought I'd cut it off, but no blood. Only swelling and a little bruising. Throbbed all day long today. Didn't feel to bad during the run, but back throbbing now. Same toe I broke April 2007.


Lisa said...

I hope that toe is in ice right now. Ouch!!!!

Jill said...

*&%%$$## Ouch!! Those are some hurting toes!!

So, why in the #ell are you trying to train in 91 degree weather?? OMG!!!