Monday, June 2, 2008

One baby

Now I know why the geese at the golf course were making so much racket and why one would disappear for awhile. They had baby this morning, well not actually this morning. As big as it was it must have hatched a week or so ago. All I saw was one baby, but I didn't get that close. Geese don't play around, they come right at you honking, hissing and biting.

Recovery run this morning went well. Started out slow and gradually picked it up. Didn't really plan on it, but it turned into a nice progression run according to the heart rate. It graphed out on a nice uphill rise. Never really looked at the watch, just picked up the pace on the second loop, without pushing to hard. Moderate effort, about 8:00 pace. Still slow enough for a recovery.

Golf course was in great shape, despite all of the recent rain. They must have mowed the grass on Saturday before the rains hit as well.(that's what we did) The fairways and cart paths were super smooth, plus the sun was up at 5:00 am, so I could see everything.

Dylan is getting pretty good on the skateboard. We went back out to the YMCA park in Smyrna on Sunday afternoon. Had to wait because of lightning? We'd driven away from the storm in Murfreesboro, and it just blew over in Smyrna. Found out the skate park in Murfreesboro isn't really under repair, not yet anyway. They're waiting to raise enough money to repair it. They used wood for the ramps versus the park in Smyrna which is built to withstand the weather. Evidently the cost to build a park like the one in Smyrna is around $100k. No wonder the wait to rebuild the one in the 'boro.

Dylan finally mastered the half pipe. He goes off of all of the ramps. Older kids were still trying to go off some of the smaller ramps. He did come back and put on his wrist guards after one tumble. That's probably a good thing, it doesn't take much to break your wrist. Darrell did it when he was Dylan's age, tripping on the sidewalk. Good to see these kids have picked up one trait from dad:) Even though it isn't an especially good trait.

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Lisa said...

Oh please wear the wrist guards. I fell on roller blades & broke my wrist in a BAD way. Took 6 weeks to heal with rods coming out of it. Frankenstein wrist! Several months of physical therapy, too.