Wednesday, June 11, 2008

psuedo brick ?

What do you call a run followed by a bike ride? Surprised I couldn't find the answer when I googled it. A brick is a training term of triathletes for a bike ride followed by a run. I've done it once and my legs felt like jello for the first quarter mile or so. This morning I went for a easy 4 mile run at 4:30 am. By the time I got back to the house it was light enough to ride my bike. Should have pumped up my tires and laid out my bike gear like a real transition, this T1 was 10+ minutes.

This morning I experimented with riding without gloves. I don't know if the hoods were damp because of the moisture in the air or my sweaty hands, but I don't like to have a slippery grip on the bars. One of the reasons for wearing gloves beside the grip factor is comfort, supposedly they absorb some of the road buzz. Don't know about that, maybe on a longer ride. Another big reason is precautionary, should you go down, they save your palms from the pavement.

I love summer time, but it means the greenway is crowded. I only ride 2 miles worth, out and back. MUP's (multi use path)as they're called on the bike forums are one of the reasons for moving back to the particular neighborhood where we live. I avoid riding much on them with the road bike, to many walkers, runners, roller bladers and other bikers. Everyone seems oblivious to the others. Walkers walk 4 or 5 abreast taking up the entire path. Bikers go to fast. Dog walkers let their dogs leash block the entire path. I'm guilty as well. I crashed head on into a women a couple of years ago, because I was going to fast into a 120 degree turn.

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Lisa said...

Country Club drive in Tullahoma has a bike/running/walking paved path that is over 2 miles long. Almost NOBODY walking EVER moves over when I'm running it. I always have to jump off into the grass. I run a lot in the grass but for them to see me barreling down through there and not move one inch is so rude. I had one man yell at me last Fall because he said I scared him. Weird!