Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Busy last couple of days. Sunday ran 6 miles from the house, no issues. Saw 2 dead foxes on the side of the road. Couldn't help but think of Steve Martins, wild and crazy guy skit from Saturday Night Live. Went in to work for most of the day. Dylan and I went to the Thompson Lane access on the Stones River later that afternoon. He practiced street hockey for awhile, then we hiked around by McFadden's Ford. The river was way up from all of the rain. Found a tick last night, yuck. Dylan had one as well.

Monday took off a day from running and did weights instead. Very hectic at work, all last week and more so on Monday. Between, month end, payroll, new employees and the typical work related dramas its been very busy.

Tuesday is typically the day for speedwork. Ankle is still stiff and takes a mile or so to loosen up. Decided to see how the 8:00 pace would work. Cranked it up after a mile. Felt really good. Never could dial exactly into pace. Most of the early miles were all around 7:45. It wasn't until mile 4 that I was finally able to get a little closer, couple of 7:50's. Part of it was the wind in my face. Heart rate was a few beats higher as well, perhaps because it was warmer. Still need to practice pace. Just wasn't coming easy this morning. Still lots of time to get it back on track.

Change the blog title for Dylan's benefit. It is April fools day.

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