Thursday, April 10, 2008


Announcement to the staff yesterday regarding the sale of the City Paper to SouthComm. I've known for a week. Hate to keep it from PJ, we've been down this road twice already. Lost my job in both of those transactions. This would be the first time the announcement was over burgers and beer. It all sounds very promising. But now, you know the revelance of my "where's the cheese" entry last week. That was the day I found out about the deal.

This mornings run kinda evolved. I've never done a progression run, maybe that's what I did this morning. My allergies are going full bore. Woke up with a killer headache and a head full of snot. Started out reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaal slow. 10:48 for the first mile and almost the same for mile 2. Bet I go faster than that in the final miles of a really bad marathon. Gradually picked up the pace until the 5 mile turnaround and then picked it up another notch. Last mile was a 7:44. My heart rate graphed out on a great upward slope.

Turkey call, add that to the list of strange stuff found on the side of the road. Ran by it and wondered what the heck it was and doubled back to confirm it. Course I picked it up to show the boys. Stopped at the sister-in-laws and stood in their garage and made the call do its thing. Surprised no one came out, but as I went in the house PJ was coming out to see about the noise.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dirk -

If you are in accounting and you do happen to lose your job...have you thought about Deloitte? I work at the PSC (personal service center) out of Hermitage...and it is a GREAT place. I left to start the FF store and then went back when I sold the store.

Take a look at our website ( and/or email me and I can help you. It's a great, great place...

I'll do whatever I can if you need to find a replacement.