Monday, April 14, 2008

cold ears

Grabbed the balaclava instead of the beanie. I already had my Nike hat on. Wore it instead of the balaclava to keep the rain out of my eyes. Did wear the tights even though it was around 38 degrees. Glad I did, the wind was plenty cold. Good thing the golf course has so many turns, by the time my ears were really cold, I'd have the wind at my back and it wouldn't be as bad. Sure wish I'd kept the goatee another week, the chin was cold.

This weather would be ideal for the race on the 26th, but it doesn't appear the cold will stay around long. Back into the 70's in a couple of days. Just hope it doesn't creep toward 80. Glad I'll only be doing the half regardless of what happens temperature wise. That's why I prefer a fall marathon, less chance of it being warm than the spring marathons.

Soaked in the hot tub after Sunday's run. Felt great, only thing missing was the sun. It really is nice to have the sun in your face on a cold day, but the tunes on the Ipod made up for it. (and the 2 pints of beer) My old shuffle is still going. The one thing I really like is the random shuffle. First song was Merle Haggard, some Beatles and ended with some Hendrix and heavy metal. The newest generation of shuffle has been discounted to $49. I'll wait to get a Nano or something with at least 10 Gigs of space.

Lunch on Sunday was T-bones on the grill at the Foxes. Those were some tasty steaks. Had to come back to our house just after the grill started up because we ran out of gas. I was already using my spare tank. Nothing better than a steak or burger cooked on the grill. Actually does taste better on real charcoal. We do that at the farm, when we aren't in any hurry to get cooking. Had Black Forest Cake for Ryan's birthday, it's my new favorite cake.

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Lisa said...

I LOVE Black Forrest cake.
I actually ate a piece in the actual black forrest once. :)