Friday, April 18, 2008

Pffft, recovery

Not by choice. Speedy ran by heart rate yesterday and must have really done a recovery run. He was raring to go this morning on the golf course. First mile was my kinda slow and then he cranked it close to my tempo pace for the rest of the first lap. He eased off on the second lap when he built up a big gap. Ended up with 8.15 miles at 8:07 average pace. Not quite half mary pace, but heart rate wise about marathon pace.

Took another 2+ hours, in addition to the hour yesterday morning to finally get the anti-virus program installed and running. First tech, yesterday morning didn't figure out I downloaded to new of a version for the old operating system I'm running. Amazing what's possible with remote access. Really frightening that even after a reboot, remote access is still available. Perhaps I really need to put up some kind of firewall.

Here's wishing all virus writers, phishers, trojan horse program writers and other computer &*(^%$# a slow painful death.

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