Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pop up

No rain. Cloudy and a little wind from the north, not a bad day for a run. Warmed up with 2 easy miles and then practiced maintaining half marathon pace for the next 8 miles. Went for a out and back from the house down Thompson Lane and onto Compton with just a little on some side road. Lots of rolling hills. Good practice for maintaining an even effort. The downhills are pretty easy to maintain around 7:45 pace, but the ups take a little more effort. I want to maintain as even of a effort as possible. So the ups average say 8:15 and the downside 7:45, so when its all done, 8:00 mile average.

Went and looked at 2 different pop up campers. The first was rough, mice had chewed holes in the canvas. The floor was starting to rot in most of the corners. Bought the 2nd one we looked at. Not bad shape for the age. Doesn't have to be to nice. Especially, for the price I'm willing to pay. It'll do for the farm. We'll pull it up to the farm on Sunday. It is real lightweight and the van pulls it well.

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