Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Y2K, yoga, kids and koke

Y2K, hadn't even thought about that in quite awhile. Overblown media hype.

Pulled out the yoga for dummies dvd. I want to make a cheat sheet with pictures of the different poses, so I can get a routine down. Don't want to watch the dvd every time. It's been over 6 months since I've done any yoga. Some of the poses are part of my stretching routine before and after a run. Only made it through 7 of the beginner poses this morning, before it was time for work.

Someone managed to spill coke on the remote for the tv. Pretty certain it was Dylan, he's the one who was whining this morning because it wouldn't work. Took it apart and wiped all of the sticky coke residue off the electric board, keypad and case. Put it back together and it works fine.

If anyone needs to find out if something is breakable, just give it to a kid for a couple of days. They can break anything. Buddy of mine use to say his kid could break an anvil. I don't doubt it.

No run today, scheduled off day.

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