Friday, April 4, 2008

Rainy days

Good thing I was able to get my run in yesterday afternoon at work. Headed out between showers, but it started raining a half mile into the run. Never realized how hilly it is around the office. No monster hills, just continually rolling. Rain wasn't hard enough to be a bother. Picked up the pace for about 3/4 of a mile before I finished and felt really strong.

Radar shows severe thunderstorms today and more lightning. I'll do weights and take a day off from running. I'd like to do 13 miles on Sunday, so Saturday will be an easy 8-10 miles.

Three weeks until race day. Need to do a couple more tempo runs. Instead of the twice a week speed stuff, maybe just one each week. I'll do the 10 day Jack Daniels taper before the race, so that only leaves 2 tempo runs and 2 long runs. Long runs will only be 13 miles. Not really much of a long run, but I'll run them at half marathon pace.

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Lisa said...

Thanks, I saw that. He doesn't have a reservation yet. He should have sold that already.

I think the Ramada is going to work out nicely. Bigger room, same price. :)