Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Running partners

Having someone to run with makes all the difference in the world. I use to do all of my runs by myself. But, its nice for a long run to have someone to talk to or on a fast day to push or pull you along. The ramp up this spring is going to require 2 speed workouts. I'll do the 200 meter repeats by myself. I would really like to have someone to suffer along with me on the tempo runs. Last year EB and I did a Tuesday tempo workout building up for the Murfreesboro Half. Speedy has helped me this spring. Thought I'd be able to get the new speed queen to run a few times at lunch. Seems everyone is nursing an injury.

This mornings tempo was a solo effort from the house. Two or three mile warm up and then 4 miles at tempo pace, target pace 6:30-6:40. Heavy frost, should be the last one until the fall. Did a 2 mile warm up and then eased into tempo. Seemed like a struggle from the start. Talked myself out of doing 4 miles. Did 3 instead. Splits, 6:41, 6:42, 6:46. I never really looked at heart rate or overall pace, just the distance into the workout. It was all on perceived effort. Probably could have pulled out one more mile, but it would have been closer to 7:00.

Hmmmm, burning questions.
Ready for tomorrow's rest day?
Shouldn't have smoked that cigarillo on the porch in the sun on Sunday.
Pollen and allergies have me coughing up crap from my chest, cigarillo didn't help that any.
Sissy factor, real easy to call it quits without the coach yelling or someone else pulling or pushing me along.
Recovering from Saturday's half marathon? It was at tempo pace according to the heart rate anyway.
Achilles twinged again pushing on the ups.

Don't think I caved except maybe once when EB was pushing or pulling me along on tempo workouts. We kind of had to keep each other in check, she pushed the downs and I pushed the ups. She never caved in on a workout, if anything she seemed to race the workouts. Speedy pulled me along. My tempo pace was marathon pace for him. The speed queen is a raw talent. I've only run with her once and she bolted out like wild horse. I only made it a half mile and strained my achilles chasing her up a rising curve. Guess she didn't realize an old guy needs to warm up.

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Lisa said...

"Having someone to run with makes all the difference in the world."