Saturday, April 12, 2008

Great day for racin'

Went to 2 races today. First went to Smyrna for the North Rutherford Healthy Kids Day 5K. Did a 6 mile run on the course before the race started. They had almost as many runners as last year. Jacob C. won again.

Second race was the Run for Roses 5k Run in Murfreesboro at the VA. First year for this race. They had about as many runners as at the Smyrna race. This race seemed to have a younger college age crowd, the race started at 9 am. Kinda fun watching the races without having to worry about timing or racing them. Eric M. won this race. They had to alter the course because of construction. I'll need to mark all of the mile markers in the grass before they start paving or else it will have to be re-certified.

Dylan had his first T-Ball game this afternoon after pictures. Seems like it cooled off alittle from this morning. Mostly the wind increased. Dylan wanted to play coach pitch this year, but he wasn't old enough. We're playing in a different league this year. They don't keep score or count outs, the whole team takes the field and the entire team bats. Works well for the younger kids, Dylan seems to like it more than the traditional t-ball from the prior year. Lot of discussion in the bleachers, that it isn't really baseball, but kindergaten ball.


Lisa said...

Yes, wind, unbelievable wind in metrocenter....ugh!

Old Man and mid pack runner said...

Wind is no fun in a race, seems to cost me around 10-15 seconds per mile.

Purity is a fun race.