Friday, April 11, 2008


One job I despise around the house is anything related to plumbing. Seems like every job I attempt involves 2 trips to Home Depot for the right part and several hours. Noticed a towel behind the toilet yesterday and it was thoroughly soaked. (PJ, "I forgot, I was going to tell you") Steady drip of water from the valve to the supply line. I put a small tupperware container under it and told Darrell to check it every hour to see how quickly it filled and I went on in to work. Called Darell later in the morning and the container was overflowing. Decided to leave work at 2 pm, so I could start my plumbing job.

Shut off the water and pulled the valve and took it with me to Home Depot. Bought a replacement and a new supply line. Might as well replace both. (Thinking ahead) Replaced everything and still had a leak from the other end of the supply line on the tank end of the toilet. Luckily, I had 2 different flush valves from previous wrong choices on other plumbing jobs. Replaced just the worn out gasket. Still leaked. Tightened it up to tight and broke the flush valve. *&^%$,Oops. This is why my plumbing jobs take several hours. Replaced the entire valve, with the one on hand. Leak fixed! Total repair cost $9.69 and less than a hour total work time plus a hour back and forth to Home Depot.

No run today. Rain was a good excuse for a day off. Weights, instead.

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Lisa said...

Oh, don't get me started on plumbing issues!