Sunday, April 13, 2008

feelin' it!

Great run today. Little cool to start and never did warm up. 40 degrees and headwind the entire way or so it seemed. Speedy's first "long" run since taking time off for his stress reaction. Wanted 13 miles, very happy with the 11 we did. I was afraid he'd be feeling froggy and kick my ass.

Spain Hill loop, red is heart rate and green is elevation

Ended up with a 7:30 average pace. Slowest miles were the first one and Spain Hill. Speedy seemed to warm up around 4 miles. He cruised up the hills and would gap me. I was pushing tempo pace heart rate going up the hills and pushing the downs to reel him back in, even with him slowing so I could catch up. But of course according to him I was pushing him, BS, he lead the whole way, I was just trying to stay off his shoulder. Very pumped about this workout versus the lousy run last weekend on the same course. Amazing the difference 10 degrees makes. Plus some days just don't come together. Carried extra water today, but still used the same amount as last weekend. Only 4 miles shorter.

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