Saturday, April 19, 2008

no chain

Felt great this morning. First mile was slow, ankle took awhile to loosen up. Eased into half mary pace. Heart rate has come down a couple ticks, for the same effort. Don't know if its the result of the miles building back to pre-ankle sprain level or the cooler day. It was taking around a 146 heart rate to average 8:00 minute miles, this morning 142 was getting the same thing? Looking at the log, I've gone from 40 to 46 to 54 miles in the last 3 weeks.

Still thinking about a 50 miler. I've been reading Dirt Diva's blog and some of the other ultra blog writers from her blog. I can see why houses cost so much in California. Look at all of the trails they have to run on. Flip side is the crime in places like LA. CNN had a blog regarding the homicides in LA county. Sobering stuff.

Strange find on the road this morning. Trailer hitch pin, pretty normal, but then a Canadian 2 cent piece? It's been run over so much its' hard to make out. Looks like a bust of a woman on the front, the queen I'd suppose. The reverse has a fleurdelis and the number 2. Appears to be copper, about the size of an American quarter dollar.

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