Tuesday, April 15, 2008

taper, why?

Dug out the training logs to see what I've done before other half marathons. Usually just cut down mileage the week before the race. Take an extra day or two off at the most. Mostly the halves I've done have been in the build up phase for a marathon. I've only trained specifically for the half twice. First time netted the same 1:28 I've done two other times. The most recent 1:28 was after doing a 17 mile long run a week before the race.

The last training specifically to race the half was a disaster. Ran a 1:32. Went out at a sub 1:28 pace but couldn't keep it going. It was way to warm for me, 72 degrees to start and 82 degrees at the finish. Should have adjusted the pace slower from the start and then picked it up closer to the finish.

This training cycle started out with two goals, a sub 19:00 5k attempt and pacing the 1:45 half marathon group at the Country Music Marathon. Scrapped the sub 19:00 goal after spraining my ankle a few weeks ago. Don't know why I thought a taper was needed this cycle for the half. Last year I was forced to taper because of the broken big toe. Really had doubts on whether I could pull off the pacing job.

This years buildup was really going well. The 6 days a week and twice a week speed workouts were going very well. Last year I weighed 162 the week before the race, this year 154. Guess the sprained ankle just set me back more psychologically than phyically. I did lose some fitness. Todays' tempo should have been easier. I was up to 6 miles at just a touch slower pace. Guess that's why I thought a taper was needed.

Damn, I'm becoming Stryped.

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Lisa said...

I just laughed out loud!

Everyone is a Stryped at some point for sure!