Wednesday, April 2, 2008

who moved my cheese

Cheesey, huh. That's what I though the second time I encountered that book in the corporate world. Of all of the strange things I've found on the side of the road, a copy of "Who moved my cheese". First read that book 10 or more years ago, in a corporate restructure at Verizon Wireless which eventually cost me my job. Second encounter was when Gannett bought the Daily News Journal, and again I lost my job. Cynical me, that book............. I could see why someone would throw it out the window in disgust.

Perfect running weather this morning. Hope race day is the same. Clear skies and 40 degrees. Little bit of wind, but no problem. Planned on doing 10 miles nice and easy. Got carried away after 3 miles and clicked into half marathon pace rather easily and kept it going all the way home.

Country Music Marathon packet arrived in the mail yesterday. Bib number 4549, puts me in corral number 4. Same place as last year I believe. This is where I start getting ansy, from here until race day.

Allergies have hit me full bore. Had a sinus headache for 3 days which finally went away Monday evening. Now the sinuses are flowing free, as well as the eyes and the sneezing fits have started. Running helps to keep my allergies in check.

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