Tuesday, April 8, 2008

confidence builder

Yesterday was a rest day. I slept in and just did weights. Wasn't a scheduled rest day, but what the heck, maybe I've come back to quick. The ankle still takes a couple of miles to loosen up. I haven't really been doing any real easy recovery type runs. About time to go back to the golf course. This time, I'll be wearing the headlamp.

Talked with Speedy this morning. He's taken 2 weeks off. Thought he had a stress fracture, ends up it was a stress reaction? Good news, he'll be back running in 10 days versus the layoff for a stress fracture. He and I have a similar foot strike, both running on our toes. Seems the calf gets to strong and pulls on the ligaments and bone itself.

Workout this morning went well. Ran 2.5 miles out to the greenway from the house. Then 2 miles at tempo pace, came in at 6:49 and 6:36. Not really long enough for a tempo, but I didn't want to push it. 2.5 miles back home felt really easy and clicked right into half marathon pace. Little less than 3 weeks till race day. I want to get one get long run in this weekend, say 13-14 miles.

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