Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Do over

Back to the golf course this morning. Did a mile until Speedy snuck up on me and scared the bejesus out of me. I knew he was going to show up about 15 minutes after me, but I thought he was in front of me, not behind. Wore the headlamp and Speedy saw a skunk. Still very wet in spots, we've had lots of rain and looks like more is on the way. The ankle loosened up really quickly, within the first half mile, versus over 2 miles on the road. The soft, uneven surface really flexes the ankle. Great for strengthening the ankle and to make you slow down on recovery days.

Dr. Bigtime

Above picture of one of the doctors at PJ's office. Didn't realize he's right about the abs. I do absolutely nothing for my abs anymore, yet now that I'm down to the lowest weight since high school, I can actually see the abs. Really need to start doing some crunches, pushups and yoga again. Got out of the habit and need to start back.

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