Tuesday, April 15, 2008

taper time

Met Speedy at comcast for a tempo run. Cold morning, 32 degrees, clear and little to no wind. Went with the naked legs, cold during the 3 mile warm up. Felt good at speed though. Didn't come easy this morning. I had all I could do to keep up with Speedy, he went a little hot. Splits came in at 6:38, 6:37, 6:32, 6:37. Struggled at 1.5 miles in, ready to stop, congestion in the chest because of the allergies. Felt better at 3 miles and got a rhythm going. Last mile felt like I was slowing but just struggling to maintain. Splits actually were consistent. 9.6 miles for the day.

Really hesitant to even do the tempo this morning. Race day is coming quick. Not so much a race for me, but still need to be able to click into pace and keep it steady. Biggest fear is getting hurt. I'll use the 10 day taper from Jack Daniels training program. Tomorrow will be a off day.

Hate taper time. Rest before the race is good, if I were racing. I'm not. Should just be a semi-long easy run. Work will be if the temps are greater than 50, then it will be more of marathon pace run. Thing about taper is feeling aches and pains because of the decrease in mileage and intensity. Ghost pains or imagined pains, I don't know.

Speedy talked about trying out some different trails after the race. Sounds good to me. Dirt is easy on the legs. Only downside is the drive. Another 3-4 weeks and I won't be able to keep up with him anymore, except on his recovery or easy days.

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