Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wunderbar !

Found some dirt. Went out to Cedars of Lebanon State Forest and parked within the park. Almost 2 miles of road before we got to the gravel. The gravel section is 5 miles one way. Lots of trails off the gravel. Went down one this morning. Wider than single track, horse trail with lots of limestone for the downhill section and then dirt and lots of it. Rain a couple of days ago, and still mud holes on the trail. The dirt forced Speedy to slow down, still ended up with a 8:00 average pace for the 12.01 mile run.

Think I've found a new place for the "Fat Ass 50k" on new years day. Only problem would be finding a big enough spot for everyone to park so the entire run would be dirt or gravel. Be a good spot to start training for my first 50 miler. Easy to get 20 miles without getting on the road and without having to repeat any sections.

Need to buy the Canon Elph camera I've been researching. Then I could have taken it on the run this morning. First pictures I took with the old digital before we started this morning were to dark. Only thing going on was the the owls hooting at each other.

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